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Why Tour Guide System?

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Our Wireless Communication Tour Guide System. We’ve made it simple and clear for you to improve tour business. In this post, we’ll share why do you need Wireless Tour Headsets.

Audience Couldn't Hear or Couldn't See

Let's face it. People want to look around more than listen to what tour guide saying. Even if a tour guide has the loudest voice it distracts to a customer from enjoying the view and other people same area.

Our Sense-B2.4 Tour Guide System is perfectly designed for the customer to hear you clearly while free to look around the views. Sense-B2.4 is a real hand-free device that you don't need an extra earphone nor carry around with your neck.

You Can't Be Loud Anywhere

Remember i talked about loud voice earlier? When you do a tour business in museum or school, you got to talk clear and quite at the same time. Our Tour Guide System does not only work best outside but also inside of building with the best sound quality.

Here are two main reasons why do you need a Tour Guide System for your tour business. If you have more questions, please call or submit questions through our website

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