Q. How many Receivers can be in one Transmitter?

A. There is no limit for receivers as long as they are on the same channel.

Q. What are channels for?

A. Channels are used when there are multiple groups in the same area or when you hear distraction by other radio 


Q. How many channels are available with Audiotree products?

A. Number of channels is different by product, Sense-100 supports 16-channels, Sense-900 supports 40-channels,

    Sense-B2.4 supports 58 channels and D-6 supports 6 channels.

Q. What kind of Headset jack does Audiotree products use?

A. All our products are using 3.5mm jack for headset.

Q. Can I add or remove devices or accessories in the package?

A. Yes, We can discuss that

Q. In which countries can I use Audiotree products?

A. For Sense-B2.4, that can be used across the world without frequency issues. Other systems will have a frequency 

    requirements based on where it is being used.

Q. Which product is available for rental?

A. Sense-100 is available for rental. Please contact us for more information.


Q. What items are included in the rental?

A. Depending on the number of devices, you will receive the tour guide transmitter(s), receivers, microphone, 

    headset and Batteries for the device.


Q. How soon can I receive Tour guide system rental or purchase?

A. Audiotree always has products in stock and ship the same day of the purchase. We offer free shipping on UPS

    ground(1~4 business days depends on location in the United States), Or you can choose the faster option with a

    fee included(only pay for difference).



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